The Railway Murders

If anyone is watching this series of three programmes on Channel 5 this week, you may be interested to know that the late Charles Farquhar, one of the investigating officers on the railway murders, helped me with information about police attitudes in the 1960s when I was writing INJURED PARTIES. Charles’s son Simon, with whom I’m in communication, is appearing on the programme and wrote the book about the Railway Murders.

Further Investigation

I was speaking to someone yesterday who said “I bet you didn’t think you’d still be investigating the case after having your book on the subject published in 2016”. I admit, I didn’t think the story about Dr Davidson would keep me busy five years later but I’m turning up new information and, to be honest, would like to be given a second crack at the story. It’s not going away. I must get to the bottom of the murder. As my ‘reliable source’ turned over and read from reams of paper about the perpetrator, I was getting to know him, how he ticked. And what a coincidence finding he was probably, at one stage of his life, in the same place at the same time as Ruth Ellis’s father!

My source, whom I know wants me to see the story through to the end, has given me even more insight into the man I name as the killer in my book. It is now a compulsion, something I have to do. 

Photo shows Amersham Bus Garage in the early 1960s

Major Crime Investigation Review Team at Thames Valley Police

Just to keep everyone up to date. As a result of my long letter which I wrote last week to the Major Crime Investigation Review Team at Thames Valley Police, today I had a long phone conversation with a member of the team. As a result of the article recently published in the Bucks Free Press there has been some local interest.

Letter to Thames Valley Police

20 July 2021

I would like to thank the Bucks Free Press for publishing their recent article about the 1966 murder of Dr Helen Davidson.

In the article Thames Valley Police Major Crime Investigation Review Team appealed “to anyone with information about Dr Davidson’s murder to contact the force”.

As Thames Valley Police has apparently kept evidence about the case to themselves for 55 years, I am writing this open letter to Bucks Free Press to ask readers to be aware that I have now written to the Team offering them new information about the perpetrator which has come to light since my book INJURED PARTIES, Solving the Murder of Dr Helen Davidson was published in 2016.

I should add the reason my publisher recently sent a press release to the Bucks Free Press was to highlight the fact that Dr Davidson’s murder was featured on a 5-minute slot on ITV’s This Morning show on Friday 2 July. Criminologist Professor David Wilson featured me and my story in his coverage of the case in ITV’s new true crime series.

Unfortunately, this was not mentioned in the recent article in the Bucks Free Press.

Latest Article in Bucks Free Press

Newspaper cuttings from 1966

Thames Valley Police is still insisting there’s no new evidence. They’ve made no comment about the fact that the evidence from the 1966 case went missing years ago. Over the last few months I’ve compiled a document as a result of new evidence that’s come to light. I will contact Thames Valley Police again.

Here’s the latest article in the Bucks Free press.

Short film on ITV ‘This Morning’

Catch the short film on ITV’s ‘This Morning’ about the murder of Dr Helen Davidson in 1966…about 40 minutes into the recording.

Article in Daily Star

2 July 2021

Here’s a link to yesterday’s Daily Star article about Dr Davidson’s murder in 1966 and the coverage on ITV’s ‘This Morning’ show. Hopefully interested readers will find my book INJURED PARTIES Solving the Murder of Dr Helen Davidson which followed 10 years of research, and which identifies the killer.

Filming for ITV’s ‘This Morning’ show 2 July 2021

A few photos I took last week in Hodgemoor Wood near Amersham, during filming for the slot on ITV’s ‘This Morning’ show, screened today, about the murder of Dr Davidson in 1966.

Photo by Monica Weller FRPS

Photo of Professor David Wilson, criminologist, by Monica Weller FRPS

Photo by Monica Weller FRPS

Photo of Professor David Wilson, criminologist, by Monica Weller FRPS