24th April 2016

Digging around in my journals, in February 2009, I see now that it was colourful.

I fell over in the snow, broke my wrist and the roads were too snowy to get to the hospital. I began my research, typing one-fingered on one hand (not very clever) and in a lot of pain. When I eventually got to Accident and Emergency I was offered a rather lovely purple plaster cast.

Later in the month I found a message I’d expressed to myself in my journal: DIG

Dig3 (1024x265)

I was determined to do just that in the unsolved murder case that I had just started investigating. I’d be digging for the next seven years! And finding skills I never knew I had.

I made myself laugh while turning my journal pages. On February 12th 2009, Mark Carter a presenter on BBC Radio Surrey, our local radio station asked morning listeners what a snail has 25,000 of.

My partner suggested 25,000 hungry French men waiting to eat them. I liked that. The radio station liked it too!


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