Injured Parties headlines

It’s not my intention here to give too much away about my new true crime book ‘INJURED PARTIES, Solving the Murder of Dr Helen Davidson’ that’s being published round about 6th May.  I’ll just hint here and there. But if you scroll down through my blog you’ll find the synopsis that appears on the back cover of the book.

Because the murder of Dr Helen Davidson in 1966 is part of a cold case review the police are not able to disclose information about the case. So, with no official documentation to work from, I had to start from scratch when I began my investigation into the case.

Cold Case: a crime that’s remained unsolved for a long period of time, has no new evidence, and has been deemed a low priority by its original investigating agency or department.



See below for details about my talk in Amersham on Tuesday 12 July 2016:

How I came to write INJURED PARTIES, Solving the Murder of Dr Helen Davidson: 



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