At the Deep Mill Diner, Great Missenden

A happy reunion yesterday with Maria at the Deep Mill Diner in Great Missenden, where we first chatted 7 years ago.

Having heard my Ruth Ellis talk 7 years ago in the Market Hall in Old Amersham, Maria trusted me and introduced me to the story about Dr Davidson’s murder in 1966. So it was brilliant seeing her for the first time in six years and handing over a copy of the published book.



Then in the afternoon my first talk in Amersham on the subject of Dr Davidson’s murder, to a group of elderly people, many of whom helped me with their knowledge of Dr Davidson in the 1960s and places in and around the town. Thank you to all of them.

It was lovely to receive this email from one of the attendees at my talk:

Hi Monica

Congratulations!!! It was lovely to see you yesterday and such a wonderful achievement to have the books there ready for all to see and buy. Your talk was very well prepared and interesting; the audience loved it. Your delivery was clear and confident and you came across very well, despite you saying quietly to me that you felt nervous about giving the first- of many – talks on the subject. I was fascinated and so impressed with all your research.


Below…a link to an article I’ve written:

Injured Parties: How I Solved the Murder and Mutilation of Dr Helen Davidson



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