Excerpt from the Foreword in ‘INJURED PARTIES’

It’s important to emphasise that I could not publish all my findings about the murder of Dr Davidson fifty years ago.

Excerpt from the Foreword in ‘INJURED PARTIES, Solving the Murder of Dr Helen Davidson’

“In the case of Dr Davidson’s murder, despite fifty years ago, the problem of writing about this unsolved case has brought challenges. There were last minute hurdles to cross prior to publication. One of my main contributors, having made amendments to the manuscript about his memories and comments surrounding the case, felt that he would withdraw further assistance. But his earlier help was invaluable and did enable me to investigate the case further and to reach my own conclusion about the unsolved murder.

For legal reasons, some names have had to be changed, some characters must remain unidentifiable, information cannot be attributed to main sources, and sometimes these sources have to be deleted from the story. Identities have to be protected to avoid possible repercussions. However, the story remains true. Seven years have passed since I began writing it. Some people who helped with my investigation have passed away and the case of Dr Davidson’s murder has slipped further into insignificance. But I want to keep this story alive. I want readers to feel what I was up against in my search for the truth”.

Monica Weller


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