Someone else’s voice

I remember the kindness shown to me when I was offered a book signing at Old Habits café, next to the Post Office in Bookham in Surrey. The manageress is proud of my achievement…of a local person and regular in the café spending seven years researching an unsolved murder, getting a publisher and finally getting the book published in May, just gone. It’s nice when someone shows real friendship and support for what you’re doing.

Then I remember that day. The weather couldn’t have been worse. Torrential rain was not an invitation to anyone to come out and buy a signed copy of my book INJURED PARTIES, Solving the Murder of Dr Helen Davidson. But they did come out. Two elderly ladies, regulars in the café, were already there when I arrived. “We’re here as your family” they said. It choked me. How kind. They couldn’t have been nicer.

Monica book signing

Then I recall someone else. I unpacked books and set up shop on one of the square tables reserved for my little do, complete with A4  coloured posters about my book blue-tacked to the table top. Then the voice of another regular, from the other end of the café boomed towards me. I won’t repeat his words that were not complimentary. I will just say they were out of order.

Now, a few weeks later, I’ve learnt he, for some reason, recently used his camera to take a photograph of the framed article from the Leatherhead Advertiser (complete with my picture) on the wall, about my book. He said, threateningly, to someone when questioned about his motive for taking the photograph that she’d “know soon enough”.




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