Last Night in Amersham

The Market Hall in Amersham was crammed last night. A laptop and digital projector were positioned ready for me. It was the first time I’d given a presentation with digitally projected images…all thanks to a good friend who’d put together the power point presentation for me…till now I’ve always hand-held the exhibits. But last night in a long packed hall I wanted everyone to see the secret documentation that I’d found during my research. In particular I wanted everyone to read the post mortem report that Professor Bowen (in 1966 he was Dr Bowen and had carried out the post mortem on Helen Davidson) had so kindly shared with me. When I visited the professor at his home in 2009 he asked if I’d like copies of his documentation. I was over the moon. As the unsolved murder of Dr Davidson is a cold case I’m not entitled to see any police records about it. It was almost a surreal moment when I set eyes on the official documentation.

There is something magical to me when a member of the public comes up to me after my talk, saying their name and that they’d helped me with my research. And last night was no exception. Several people introduced themselves ( a bus expert from the 60s…a neighbour of Dr D…a person whose grandparents knew the suspect and would I like a photograph!… another who’d given me help with ordnance survey maps) and asked me to sign their copies of INJURED PARTIES, Solving the Murder of Dr Helen Davidson.

I’m still recovering from the M25 nonsense. Thinking the return journey from Amersham to Leatherhead would be better than the outward journey (which was the pits), I was disappointed that even at 11 o’clock at night I would still join a jam. As I crept along the motorway I had a chance to dwell on the heartfelt ‘well dones’ people gave me last night.

A huge thank you to Thomas from Chorleywood Bookshop who came along last night to sell my books….and of course to Amersham Museum for such a well organised event.




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