Who is Radical John who dislikes the reporting in the BFP?

There’s someone called Radical John who seems to dislike the Bucks Free Press (BFP).

He even manages to insert his two-pennyworth into the Review, in this week’s BFP, of my book ‘Injured Parties, Solving the Murder of Dr Helen Davidson’…to be precise (a bit of an oxymoron) he doesn’t like the reviewer’s grammar!


Radical John writes (in the online comments section of the BFP):

If a teenager wrote a review of a book like this one…for O level English then I suspect they would be in danger of failure.

He quotes from the review:

“You are talked through the details of the lives of the victim, the suspects and their families. Creating a picture spanning back to before their birth”. Comma or full stop after ‘families’ – surely this is one sentence not two?

It goes on and on.

If nothing else it makes me appreciate my nit-picking-all-things-grammar-retired from the BBC-friend; he is nowhere near as pedantic and vocal as our friendly Radical John!




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