An emotional journey for one gent who helped me

I was touched to receive a letter last week about ‘Injured Parties’ from a gentleman who helped me with some of my research. In his long letter which almost brought me to tears, he wrote:

“Dr Davidson was a very important person in my formative years as a young man…and the shock of seeing the murder pictures in the wood are still with me to this day. I have carried her picture in my briefcase for the last 50 years. If I feel down about anything I still look at her smiley face and it still cheers me up no end. This has not been just a book, to me it’s been like a personal crusade and has been a very emotional journey…Finally can I thank you for all your brilliant research, your time, efforts and determination to get this book printed. It was long overdue. It has been a pleasure to correspond with you over the last 7 years and I do hope that sales continue at a good level and all your efforts have been worth it. I have not lost sight of the fact that there is a commercial aspect to the production of the book for you, but I do also hope you have learned a lot from the people you have been in contact with during the course of your research”.

On the subject of book sales I was interested to read this on Twitter this morning about Amazon reviews:

“After a book gets 20 reviews Amazon suggests books in ‘also bought’ and ‘think you might like this’ lists. This increases a book’s visibility which boosts sales. After 50 to 70 reviews Amazon highlights the book for spotlight positions and for its newsletter. This is a huge boost for an author. Reviews help sell more books. Even a bad review is better than no review. Please review books on Amazon even if you didn’t buy the book from Amazon”.

So far my book has received 14 reviews. A few more would be great. Thanks.



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