The Soldier who found Dr Davidson’s Body

The Soldier who Found Dr Davidson’s Body

I always find it fascinating, that however much research you do, in the case of INJURED PARTIES seven years of finding people all over the UK connected to the 1966 story about Dr Helen Davidson, and who are willing to talk to me, new information will continue to bubble to the surface.

I have to be mindful though, that since the publication of both of my true crime books (Dr Helen Davidson in 2016 and Ruth Ellis in 2005) I have regularly received emails from people saying they’re related to this person or that person or they remember something vividly about the case, when it is not always true.

So when I spoke to a retired Lt Col this week on the phone (who’d originally made contact with me via my INJURED PARTIES blog) about his role in the Dr Davidson story, I explained that I needed more proof about his identity.

Before going to Sandhurst this gentleman was based at the Army School of Education near Beaconsfield in Buckinghamshire and was one of the 50 or so young soldiers from the school who’d been told on 10 November 1966 that they would be helping the police to search some countryside for a woman who’d disappeared. He was the 18 year-old soldier who discovered Dr Davidson’s body that day.

In his original email to me he said “The area round the body soon became very busy with lots of police milling about. I remember saying to someone that they (the police) would not be able to find any footprints after that”.

To be continued

Hello hello hello

A couple of days ago I spoke to the young soldier (now Lt Col retd) who discovered Dr Davidson’s body in the woods on 10th November 1966.

What he said about the crime scene that day, and what happened to it within a few minutes of the body being found, compared to what was reported at the time, was interesting.

More to follow in due course.


Dwelling on the Positive

Having recently finished reading his copy of Injured Parties a friend wrote to me. I thought I would share some of the email which began:

“I can only apologise for not knowing how hard you must have been working over the last few years on your various projects…I can only apologise for not appreciating this when others have obviously been aware”.

I shall quote from an earlier email from the same person:

“…half-way through your book – I can’t believe how much detail there is, how much information you have gathered, how much time you must have spent on your research, how many miles you must have travelled. I have just finished ‘The Outsider’ by Frederick Forsythe where he talks about his travels to places for research on his books. It’s quite amazing the similarities – your command of the English language is equal and just as compelling – what a dark horse you are”.

What a generously spirited person to write this to me.

Then today I read the piece in the Chorleywood Magazine which gives details of my forthcoming talk for the Chorleywood Bookshop on 26th September. And to be called one of the ‘Top Ten Authors’ amongst names like Victoria Hislop, Damon Hill and Terry Waite, I feel truly humble.

10 Top authors head our way

I am learning to dwell only on the positive. It’s not always easy. I do my best. And to my friend who emailed such kind words to me, I’m truly grateful…. and rest assured that during the seven years of writing INJURED PARTIES I kept everything to myself. Only one person was aware of the work involved.