Getting the Measure of Research

Getting the Measure of Research

Dr Davidson bought a bottle of milk from the Express Dairy in Hill Avenue in Amersham on the Hill… it was around 2.30 in the afternoon on 9th November 1966. These were the facts. What I didn’t know when I began my research (for what would become INJURED PARTIES) in 2009 ) and no one could tell me, was the exact address, fifty years ago, of the dairy in Hill Avenue. Initially I was groping in the dark. Even discovering facts about the building’s location would involve considerable detective work.

When you read on page 30 of INJURED PARTIES: “The doctor called at the Express Dairy, at 41 Hill Avenue, to buy a bottle of milk. The dairy’s shop, in front of the main milk depot in Elm close, was wedged between the Regency Restaurant at number 43, haunt of the Amersham teddy boys…” you may be interested to know this: at the beginning of May 2009 when I set off on my first fact-gathering trip to Amersham, the method of actually identifying the position of the long-gone Express Dairy, was by matching the design of a new florist’s shop now in Hill Avenue ( with an old photo of the street in the 1960s. Nothing was straight forward.


51710026 (2) (500x318)    51710027 (2) (319x500)

This may give you a measure of the tiny steps of research involved, since 2009, in putting together my story about Dr Davidson!



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