The Soldier who found Dr Davidson’s Body

The Soldier who Found Dr Davidson’s Body

I always find it fascinating, that however much research you do, in the case of INJURED PARTIES seven years of finding people all over the UK connected to the 1966 story about Dr Helen Davidson, and who are willing to talk to me, new information will continue to bubble to the surface.

I have to be mindful though, that since the publication of both of my true crime books (Dr Helen Davidson in 2016 and Ruth Ellis in 2005) I have regularly received emails from people saying they’re related to this person or that person or they remember something vividly about the case, when it is not always true.

So when I spoke to a retired Lt Col this week on the phone (who’d originally made contact with me via my INJURED PARTIES blog) about his role in the Dr Davidson story, I explained that I needed more proof about his identity.

Before going to Sandhurst this gentleman was based at the Army School of Education near Beaconsfield in Buckinghamshire and was one of the 50 or so young soldiers from the school who’d been told on 10 November 1966 that they would be helping the police to search some countryside for a woman who’d disappeared. He was the 18 year-old soldier who discovered Dr Davidson’s body that day.

In his original email to me he said “The area round the body soon became very busy with lots of police milling about. I remember saying to someone that they (the police) would not be able to find any footprints after that”.

To be continued


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