1 thought on “Talk at High Wycombe

  1. A message emailed from Heather Dempsey about my talk at High Wycombe

    “Monica I so enjoyed your talk today – it was probably the best talk I have ever attended and I have been to a few over the years – so interesting and well presented by yourself – if we ever need a speaker in the future in the different groups I am involved in I will recommend you most highly.

    There were some people at the Wycombe library today who had been patients of Dr Helen Davidson and remembered her and that I spoke to briefly in the queue for your book – back in the 1960s it goes to show how sad it was that cases were closed down without getting a result and not having the expertise of DNA and that you said was unavailable until the 1980s.

    Anyhow thanks for a great afternoon and I really look forward to reading the book and finding out who you feel was responsible for the death of Dr Helen Davidson – you clearly were meant to meet the people that you did and as you explained to us in the strangest of places – probably in my experience Helen was guiding you in these directions without you actually knowing it – I am also quite a psychic person and which has developed over the years through all my work with people and their issues and problems”.

    Heather Dempsey


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